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Simeoni returns Italian Nation Champion jersey in protest of Giro snub.

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A happier Simeoni in his pre-stripper days.

A happier Simeoni in his pre-stripper days.

The big news was the high drama of Filippo Simeoni marching into the Giro offices and handing back his Italian Nation Champion jersey in protest. Now that’s what I call making a point but Simeoni was just getting started. He then stripped off his cycling shorts and tossed them at the startled secretary general Maria Christina Gabriotti. She blushed, turned away and frantically began yelling for security.

But Pilippo just continued his angry strip routine. He yanked off his cycling shoes and flung them on the desk. Then peeled of his socks and threw them. By the time the outraged Ceramica Flaminia rider was done, he was stark naked and stark raving mad. His arm warmers, leg warmers, vest, team cap, helmet, gloves were all dumped on the office floor. Things only got worse from there.

Apparently, Simeoni proceeded to light the team clothing on fire and began dancing around the flames, shouting angry insults at Giro Boss Zomegnan and Lance Armstrong for his secret treachery in helping to keep him out of the Italian tour. At this point some of Filippo’s teammates arrived and dragged the irate rider out of the room. The quick response of the local fire department kept damage to a minimum.

Simeoni however vowed to continue his protest, warning that he would return after a trip to his appartment for more clothing to rip off.


Written by walshworld

May 5, 2009 at 7:05 pm

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