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Petacchi takes Giro stage 3 while Cavendish chats with Armstrong.

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Petacchi 2

It”s good to be an Italian winner in Italy Part 2.

Athletes love vindication, the comeback, revenge, proving the critics wrong and defying the odds. Alessandro Petacchi accomplished all that on stage 3. While Mark Cavendish sat further back in the peloton joking with Lance Armstrong, Petacchi obeyed rule one of Grand Tour riding: stay up front, out of danger. When Cavendish was caught behind a massive pileup with 9k to go, Petacchi had another stage win in the bag.

The Ale-jet is back from suspension, winning big stages again, and surprising everyone with his aggressive tactics. He’s a crazed locomotive that doesn’t need a train. And best of all, he got to lecture the journalists at the finish line who doubted and disrepected. Perhaps Alessandro spent the off-season listening to hop-hop and rap music. He’s the P-diddy of the G-tour. “The dude got mad Giro skillz, man”

Meanwhile, the fastest sprinter in the world until 2 days ago picked up a few Matthew McConaughey stories and an invite to Austin for beers at Casa Armstrong. But he lost another shot at his only real rival Petacchi. Back to the drawing board for the manxman only this time without so much ego.

It’s shaping up to be a dream tour for Petacchi. Winning Giro stages means never having to buy a drink in Italy. Right now the pro-tour prosecco is flowing.


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May 12, 2009 at 1:11 am

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