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A disgrace, a farce, an insult? The Giro’s stage 9 in Milan degenerated in an Italian soap opera.

We have to ask the question: who is race organizer Angelo Zomegnan and why is he in charge of a major cycling sporting event? Crazy Z nearly went postal in true Italian style after riders decided stage 9 around Milan was too dangerous. Calling the action a disgrace and a betrayal, Z ranted as if his honor, his manhood and the memory of his  mother had all been grievously insulted.

Once his aria reached fiver pitch, Zomegnan seemed to lose all verbal self-control, firing off hilarious remarks directed at the true guilty party, his once prize invitee Lance Armstrong. Commenting on Armstrong’s unwillingness to race the stage, Zomegnan told the Associated Press. “it seems like their legs have become shorter and their tongues longer.”

While most all the  Italian riders including Basso, Garzelli, Simoni and Di Luca, agreed with the decision on the  treacherous route, Zomegnan placed the blame on Armstrong, even claiming the Texan has mislead di Luca. You’d have to think Armstrong was wishing the Tour de Gila lasted 3 weeks so he wouldn’t have to put up with Zomegnan. It’s gonna be his first and last Giro, exit stage right. Will somebody take crazy Z with him?


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May 19, 2009 at 1:02 am

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  1. […] Crazy Z took things personal and continued lashing Armstrong, saying ”I never name people who have disappointed me, just like I don’t name girlfriends that have snubbed me.” Which was a bizarre statement considering Zomegnan is over 60 and Lance is not a female. Nor, to the best of Lance’s recollection, had they ever dated. […]

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