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Giro Stage 10. LRP Brakes’ Di Luca evens score with Columbia-Highroad.

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Di Luca takes stage 10.

Di Luca takes stage 10.

Welcome to the Two Team Giro. It apprears that the other 20 teams were invited as spectators only. They basically have box seats on wheels.

The LRP Brakes and Columbia-Highroad show was back on today. After Danilo di Luca’s stage 10 win, the two teams are dead even at 4 stages a piece. No word yet on whether Liquigas or Astana plan on joining the fun. No doubt Mr Leipheimer and Armstrong will have something to say on Thursday’s mammoth stage 12 time trial. They better ride hard or crazy Mr Zomegnan, the race organizer, will start ranting again.

Speaking of rants, crazy Z should be shocked and offended by teams like Xacobeo Galicia, Fuji-Servetto and Bbox Bouyques Telecom. Has anybody seen these guys in the race? What do they talk about at the team dinners: “Hey, I came in 189th, how ’bout you,” says one rider. “Oh, I had great legs today and got 173rd place,’ says another. Good work fellas. Your sponsors are proud and the investment justified.

Perhaps there should be a Giro team category called “Just Happy To Be Here.” Maybe some special arms bands on the jerseys that say “just watching, thanks.” What if the highest placed, protected rider on your team is already over 17 minutes behind after 10 stages like Eduard Vorgonov  of Xacobeo Galicia?

Could there have been some clerical error on the formal invitation the teams recieved from the Giro. It was supposed to say come ‘Race” the Giro, not simply ride it.


Written by walshworld

May 19, 2009 at 7:05 pm

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