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Lance Armstrong’s top-secret Giro time trail bike revealed!

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Armstrong's Giro ride.

Armstrong's Giro ride.

Lance Armstrong is known for his hard core training, meticulous preperation and an insistence on the most cutting edge equipement. Rumors began circulating months ago that Trek was developing a new time trial bike for the GIro d’Italia. Code named Project 12 after the Giro’s 60 kilometer time trial, the bike was a radical departure from tradition. “We threw all the conventions out the window,” said Trek’s lead designer Alan “killah” Hernandez. When asked about the bike, all Armstrong would say is, “it’s wicked fast.” While there were no specs provided, the distintive  low-rider banana seat, chrome aero wheels and steering wheel set the revolutionary time trial bike apart from anything the UCI has seeen. At this time there is no decision from the UCI on whether the bike fits the rigid guidelines but we’ll know the answer before stage 12. Stay tuned.


Written by walshworld

May 21, 2009 at 1:23 am

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