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Cadel Evans’ secret plan for beating Armstrong & Contador exposed.

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The Tour de France 2009 is not over for Cadel Evans just because he’s fallen 3 minutes behind Armstrong and Contador. Forget what the journalists and twitterrati have to say. Forget what the cycling web-sites claim, forget cycling history and tour mumbo-jumbo about what can and cannot be surmounted. Discount the comments from Lance about eliminating contenders. Evans is not hors de combat.

And certainly forget a quick run to the secret pharmacy that has the sharp needles with the magic blood boosting drugs. There is simply no reason for that. However, Cadel Evan, the nicest and least aggressive rider in the tour, will have to think out of the box or he off the podium in Paris.

Dire straits require bold thinking. He could simply try to switch to the Saxo Bank team, swap jerseys and benefit from the fire power of Bjarne Riis’ squad. He could sabotage all 20 team Astana bikes but that’s a lot of work and they can always rent. He could call in the Australian National Guard and have them set up road checkpoints, effectively closing the roads to Armstrong and Contador.

Everything in on the drawing board: swine flu in Lance’s pasta, a snake in Contador’s bed, sexy girls to entice the rest of Johan Bruyneel’s boys to a tropical island. It can be done. Where there is a yellow jersey, there is a way. And once the Silence Lotto rider carefully considers his options, we’re sure this will be his plan. Allez, Cadel. Don’t forget to put on your seat-belts.


Written by walshworld

July 8, 2009 at 5:05 am

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  1. Don’t try this at home! Tres bien!
    -Le Tour Babe


    July 9, 2009 at 5:00 pm

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