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Astana Feud continues on tour rest day: “I’m more rested than Alberto,” says Armstrong.

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I'm not tired, he's tired.

I'm not tired, he's tired.

The gloves have finally come off.

After over a week and 9 stages, the Armstrong and Contador feud has boiled over on what was supposed to be a quiet rest day in Limoges. Armstrong dropped the first bombshell, saying “I’m more rested than Alberto.” An hour later it was Contador’s turn. Speaking with the Spanish media, he claimed he “napped twice as much as Lance.” The accusations flew. Who was the team leader on the rest day?

Armstrong unleashed a torrent of tweets, asserting that his bed was nicer than Alberto’s, his pillow softer and his bathrobe fluffier — making it clear he was in fact, The Rested One. Driving an even wider wedge into team unity, Contador said his room was quieter and therefore more conducive to rest. Left unsaid but strongly hinted: at 37 years of age, Armstrong is too old to sleep well.

A contentious joint press conference degenerated into name calling and mud-slinging. Contador called Armstrong “a lousy sleeper” while the Texan shouted that Kid Contador had resorted to sleeping pills. “He can’t handle the stress,” said Armstrong, “he’s cracking under pressure. Hell, I took four years off. I couldn’t be more rested.”

To the shock of the assembled journalists, Contador then revealed that Armstrong was getting preferential treatment, saying “Lance always gets more pasta than I do. And an extra five minutes of massage.” At that point Armstrong insisted Contador was delusional although he did admitted to bringing his own selection of spa soaps to help relax.

Not to be out-maneuvered in the media, the Spanish rider insisted that Armstrong had rings under his eyes. “Anyone can see his face is puffy. He’s a puffy face. Ask anyone in the peloton,” said Contador.

Team Manager Johan Bruyneel was unavailable for comment, citing a terrible migraine.


Written by walshworld

July 13, 2009 at 9:00 pm

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  1. […] happier without his Astana teammate around. The two have tried to brush aside questions about any rift in their relationship, but yesterday, Armstrong admitted “there is […]

    • Tension. Oh yeah, there’s tension. They’ll want to kill each other by Ventoux.


      July 15, 2009 at 7:01 am

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