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Wiggins undecided on what bike to ride: Pinarello or Felt?

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Where's my bike? No, what's my bike.

Where's my bike? No, what's my bike.

News that Pinarello is the bike of choice for Team Sky allows us to ask the same endless, silly question everyone keeps asking — only in a different way.

Will Bradley Wiggins be riding a Pinarello for Team Sky or a Felt for Garmin-Slipstream? Jonathan Vaughters, Mr Argyle himself,  insists Wiggins has a contract with Garmin, isn’t going anywhere and is riding a Felt. In fact, they just applied the superglue to the seat.

Team Sky sources continue to tease the cycling world saying Wiggins sure would look good on a Pinarello at Team Sky. They’ll even buy him a Kryptonite Lock and put a ringer bell on the handlebar if he wants one.

Wiggins himself will only say what he repeated many times in the Tour de France –he’s taking things “day by day” and is at a bike shop in Manchester, England trying out both bikes and riding them in a gorilla suit so no one catches on.

He’s even using a fake British accent to fool enterprising journalists eager to learn the true story.

Is a composite frame the only answer? A Feltarello? A Pinafelt? Stay tuned.


Written by walshworld

October 9, 2009 at 7:55 pm

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