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Vinokourov nonsense: Alberto stays with Astana.

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Believe me. Don't think so.

Believe me. Don't think so.

The latest Astana news quotes Alexander Vinokourov on his claim that Alberto Contador will stay with the beleaguered,  nearly gutted Kazak squad.

“He will stay with us, without a doubt,” Vinokourov told La Gazzetta dello Sport. “I will be at his call. He doesn’t have to worry.” Note to Alberto: start freaking out now.

Why would anyone put any credence in anything this man says? The rider who tested positive in the 2007 Tour de France still shows no remorse and denies any wrongdoing.

Believing Vinokourov? You’ve got to be out of your Giro-helmeted mind.

That’s like a crack addict suggesting you leave your wallet and car keys with them for safe keeping.

Like asking a murderer in Folsom or San Quentin prison if they’re guilty as charged.

Like a self-centered Hollywood star lecturing you on the benefits of marital fidelity.

Like asking the used car salesmen if there are any mechanical problems on this car you should know about.

These things would be foolish, nonsensical and pointless. There’s no meaning, no attachment to reality, no basis in fact, no reason to believe.

Alexander Vinokourov is a man without credibility. The t-shirt he likes to wear is missing the last word: Vino 4ever. Add the word lies.


Written by walshworld

October 12, 2009 at 7:18 pm

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