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UCI confirms Alberto Contador free to leave Astana. The Macarena is playing!

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Party in Pinto, Spain tonight. Meet at Alberto Contador’s house and bring the tapas and sangria. The UCI just declared El Pistelero a free man.

Celebrations begin with the 15 year anniversary remake of the classic Macarena song. Which wasn’t that great to begin with but hey, it’s a party, Alberto wants to dance and who can blame him? Personally we would have fired up some Orishas, the cuban hip hop unit, something like the early classic “A Lo Cubano.” In fact, we’ll hook you up right now.

“If Alberto Contador leaves tomorrow, we can only say that this option would be complying with our rules,” confirmed UCI spokesman Enrico Carpani, who was immediately invited to the Pinto bash. Is he bringing the Orishas CD’s or the sangria?

“In our opinion, if you are a rider, you have a right to know if your position is safe or not,” Carpani went on to say. “This gives riders one extra month to decide what they have to do for their future.” And the future is, goodbye Astana and Vinokourov, hello Caisse d’Epargne, we’re guessing. It’s now apparent that the personal letter and pot of stew Contador’s mother Paqui Velasco sent to the UCI has worked wonders.

The UCI has spoken and there’s nothing the bozos at Astana can say. Right now somebody in the capital city of Astana is shouting obscenities into a speaker phone about UCI 2.15.139, article 8.1.f — which clearly states that if a team doesn’t have its act together by October 20th, the rider may terminate the contract “without notice or liability for damages.”

Which brings us back to Pinto, macarena, Orishas, sangria, Alberto Contador doing the crazy dance where he strips off his Astana jersey and shorts and burns them to cheers from half the town. Who knows, he may even slip on those sexy Hincapie compression knee socks.


Written by walshworld

October 23, 2009 at 7:49 pm

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