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Lance Armstrong’s custom bikes raise 1.25 million. But tricycle goes unsold.

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The tricycle in question.

It’s all about the Bike Sale.

Lance Armstrong raised an impressive $1.25 million for his LiveStrong cancer foundation by auctioning off seven of his custom designed bikes at a Sotheby’s auction. Unfortunately, his original tricycle failed to generate a sale.

“Each of these artists gave their time to this cause,” said Armstrong in a LiveStrong press release. “Through the dollars that we raise, we’ll increase awareness, fund research and work to end the stigma about cancer that many survivors face.”

Why the bright red classic tricycle that Armstrong used up and down the sidewalk in his formative years failed to sell is anyone’s guess. It’s not titanium, Armstrong never rode it in the Tour de France and according to an informed mechanic, the front wheel is out of true. Armstrong was at a loss why his trike went unsold.

“So incredibly humbling,” Armstrong wrote on  Twitter after the auction.


Written by walshworld

November 2, 2009 at 6:15 pm

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