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The Colnago Channel. Programming guide revealed.

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Don't touch that dial!



This is “Must See” cycling TV.

Cyclingnews today announced the formation of a new Colnago Channel. Exciting news for all fans of the famed Italian bike builder.

For those readers who didn’t get the programming guide, here are some tantalizing glimpses at some of the new Colnago programming.

World’s Next Top Frame Builder.

Real people compete to see who will get their own bike fabrication plant. Judged by Ernesto and as many sexy Italian models they can fit in welding outfits. First episode: each contestant is given 8 plumbing tubes and asked to turn out a bike in one day. Sparks will fly in this series!

Everybody Hates Ernesto.

Mr Colnago is just a kind, retiring Italian frame builder living the quiet life, but who can relax with these grandchildren? Gina wants to be a stripper and Carmela is marrying a Mafia hitman. Can Ernesto save his family? Tune in for all the laughs and tears at Ernesto’s.

Killer Bike.

A bike mechanic by day but a serial killer at night who murders his victims using only metal parts taken from vintage Italian bikes from the seventies. Not suitable for young adults or those you aren’t good with chain whips.

Biking with the Stars.

Allesandro Petacchi heads a star studded cycling cast as each week contestants battle to win a bike ride with the Italian playboy.

Conspiracy, hosted by Danilo di Luca.

Each week di Luca examines another preposterous conspiracy theory and explodes the myths surrounding these farcical conundrums. First episode,  Di Luca examines with his own wild claims about his positive A & B tests.


An action-packed drama staring the crusading lawyers and sexy prosecutors of the Italian Olympic Committee as they take on Mr. Teflon himself, the slippery Spanish snake, Alejandro Valverde.

What, More Pasta?

Get ready for a pot full of laughs. It’s the true life story of Alfredo Gnocchi, the chef for the Lampre team. Each week is another thrilling challenge as Alfredo shovels more carbs down the skinny riders’ gullets.

Stay tuned for more show information. The Colnago Channel is going to rock.


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November 3, 2009 at 10:00 pm

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