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Amazing but true: Michael Rasmussen dissolves non-existent contract.

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Rasmussen stairs

Where is my pre-pen? I want to sign my contract.

Here is another classic in the strange world of cycling contracts. Michael Rasmussen has dissolved what he called the “pre-contract” with the CDC-Cavaliere team. I suppose we can officially call it a post-contract. Pre-signatures mean nothing — especially when you sign with those gimmicky pre-pens with the invisible ink.

He supposedly has signed a genuine contract, with no pre-contract and that team will have a post comment soon. Such is the state of professional cycling contracts. Alberto Contador has one with Astana but the UCI claims he is free to go but privately says he isn’t free to go. Meanwhile he’s stuffing it with every protective clause and loophole he can think off.

Bradley Wiggins has a contract with Garmin but team Sky is ready to buy him out. They have a pre-offer on the table but Garmin boss Jonathan Vaughters says that’s pre-mature. Sometimes these pre-nuptials don’t’ work out.

Cloudy, mystifying and strange. But we leave the final explanation to Mr. Rasmussen, who offered this classic Kafka meets George Orwell bit of nonsense-speak: “The two parties have commenced the liquidation of the cooperation that has never existed,” said the doping Dane.

Is that brilliant? Or maybe just pre-brilliant.

Written by walshworld

November 7, 2009 at 7:03 pm

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  1. […] Two-time Tour de France winner Alberto Contador announced he’s reached a preliminary agreement with Astana to finish up the remainder of the contract that runs through the end of 2010. We’re assuming Michael “Chicken” Rasmussen wasn’t on hand to offer legal advice on the amusing issue of pre-contracts. […]

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