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Oops! Johan Bruyneel names wrong Armstrong for Tour Down Under team.

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WIll Kristin replace Lance in Tour Down Under?

Lance, Kristin, what’s the big deal?

Everybody makes mistakes — even master tactician and Radio Shack director Johan Bruyneel. In submitting the team roster for the Tour Down Under, Bruyneel accidently wrote down the other famous Armstrong, the reigning women’s world champion Kristin Armstrong.

“I don’t know how it happened, there was a big rush, I was juggling twenty different things and wrote her name by mistake,” said Bruyneel. There is now confusion in the Radio Shack camp as they wait to hear from the race organizers about correcting the error.

For her part, Kristin Armstrong. a gold medalist in the Beijing Olympic games, was surprised, honored and confident. “If they build the team around me, I can win. I look forward to the challenge of beating Cadel Evans. It’s one world champion against the other,” said Armstrong.

Lost in the mad shuffle was seven-time Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong. Tweeting Saturday morning, the Texan said “Johan, what a goof-ball. Go Kristen.” Then later he wrote “loaning Kristin my tt bike. That girl is fast.”

Tour Down Under officials were mum on how they planned to proceed on the matter. Race Director Mike Turtur said ” We wanted Armstrong so I guess we’re getting one no matter what happens. I mean, it’s our race, we can bend the rules anyway we want. If she wants to race, well, we’ll think about it.”


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