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Stunning last second reversal in Operacion Puerto and Amanda Knox cases: Alejandro Valverde admits guilt.

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The Puerto & Knox case. A stunning admission.

The two highest profile and most bizarre legal cases in Europe came to a stunning conclusion today.

In a shocking turn of events, Vuelta winner Alejandro Valverde admitted that it was he, and not American college student Amanda Knox, who murdered her roommate after a night of drugs and sex games.

“My conscience is now clear,” said Valverde. “Operacion Puerto was a travesty of justice like the Knox trial. I knew I was guilty of both crimes.” Valverde has apparently given Italian police the second knife used in the murder, the one missing from the crime scene.

The confession has rocked the cycling world as Spanish and Italian lawyers and judges on both sides of both cases attempted to understand the shocking new developments.

Immediately freed from her 26 year prison sentence, Knox sobbed violently, barely able to speak. Composing herself, she thanked Valverde repeatedly. “He saved my life,” she said in tears, surrounded by her family and legal team. “He is a brave and honest man. I thank him from the bottom of my heart.”

The two cases have been surrounded by controversy from the  beginning, creating a firestorm of criticism from around the world. Legal experts in the United States were highly critical of both cases.

The Spanish judges in the Puerto case refused to even consider evidence and the Italian court in the Knox affair ignored hard, forensic science and the lack of circumstantial evidence in favor of emotional arguments and character assassination.

UCI President Patrick McQuaid was overjoyed: “We finally got Valverde. I don’t care whether he’s in a Spanish jail or an Italian one as long as he’s not riding. And now I don’t need those useless Court of Arbitration people.”

A spokesman for the Knox family admitted they had never heard of Operacion Puerto. “The family is a fan of Lance Armstrong but really, that’s it. Obviously, the Puerto trial sounds almost as bizarre and embarrassing as this one, but no, they’d never heard of it.”


Written by walshworld

December 11, 2009 at 9:22 am

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