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Team Sky jersey: the genius of anti-mud splatter design.

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Genius, pure genius.

It’s been a high style few months in cycling — at this time in the season, it’s more fashion runway than road.

With the exciting launch of the British team Sky and the Radio Shack squad of Lance Armstrong and Johan Bruyneel, we’ve seen plenty of cool new bikes, racing kits and even pimped out Jaguars.

No expense has been spared with deep-pocket sponsors like Nike, Adidas, Trek, Pinarello and Jaguar showing off their best work. But sometimes, it’s not just the $10,0000 bikes or the latest advances in micro-fiber wicking technology.

No, it’s the thoughtful little touches that showcase the difference between a bold new ProTour team and some Italian Continental team that can barely hold onto their license and pasta bowl. (For example, the subliminal messages encoded in the Radio Shack jersey.)

But for Twisted Spoke, our vote goes to team Sky for its brilliant long sleeve jersey design. Picture this: it’s cold and wet and muddy and you’re out training in this miserable weather. As every foul weather cyclist without a fender knows, the splatters run straight up your back.

Team Sky has already envisioned such an ugly scenario and placed a bright blue line running  from the back of the cycling shorts and up the jersey to the neck.

Ugly mud splatters hidden. Genius.

Written by walshworld

January 6, 2010 at 9:57 am

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